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A Sumerian Ziggurat

The ancient Sumerians are credited for the invention of government. They lived in the Mesopotamian area by the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers. Their capital was Ur, very close to the Tigris River.

The Sumerians invented a great many things, such as a 60-based number system, the wheel, simple irrigation systems,
the calender, government, and a writing system called Cuneiform. Government is what we're going to tell you about...

Back then, the Sumerians were affected politically by the invention of a government. They invented it to organize labor. Officials were appointed and sorted out problems and worked on construction projects.
They were affected economically, because of the newly-organized labor, people could work together to build an economy and build canals and roads that made trading easier.
The invention of government affected the Sumerians socially by giving the people something to do, and a way to earn a living.

Now, government is what keeps the world from becoming a place of anarchy and chaos.
Politically speaking, government affects us now because of electing officials to represent us and our beliefs on how America should be run. They work out how to deal with poverty and unemployment. They organzie labor when it comes to the military and the national guard and such.
When it comes to economics, the government supervises imports and exports. It provides funding for infrastructure, such as building highways. And in agriculture, it has created many committees and associations regulating what is grown in agriculture and keep it so disease isn't spread around in livestock.
And socially, the government affects us by making laws keeping us from or allowing us to do things when it comes to interacting with other people. The governemnt makes everyone equal before the law, whether poor or rich.

So, essentially, America would be nothing without government. With a government, we are a superpower with much prosperity. We can thank the Sumerians for that!

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